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Bonding Agent for Mortar/Thinset (11lbs)

Bonding Agent for Mortar/Thinset (11lbs)

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Use and properties

Universal primer for difficult substrates – improves the adhesion of adhesives, watertight insulations and finishing coats to substrates of low absorptivity, to extremely smooth substrates, or covered with remains of old PVC adhesives, paints, etc.
Increases adhesion – strongly adheres to the substrate and to new layers applied upon itself.
Reduces absorption of the substrate – prevents excessive transport of water from the freshly applied adhesives, renders, finishing coats, etc. to the substrate.
Facilitates the application of the next layer – rough surface reduces the “slip” of the applied material.
Protects the new layer against adverse effects of the substrate – it is a chemical barrier between the substrate and the freshly applied layer, limiting the influence of one upon the other – limits colour protrusion from the substrate and formation of stains on the surface of the finishing coat surface.
Prevents wooden substrates from humidity – resulting from the contact with the freshly applied new layer.


Kinds of primed substrates – smooth concrete, old tiles, terrazzo, OSB panels, as well as plasterboard, gypsum plasters, cement renders, rough walls of all kinds of bricks, blocks, hollow bricks, cement and anhydrite subfloors and wood-based substrates.

Types of finishing layer – tile adhesives, renders, subfloors, finishing coats and watertight insulation WODER E, WODER W, WODER DUO and WODER S.


Substrate preparation
The substrate must be dry, free from dust, dirt, oils, grease and wax.
Remove all loose layers inappropriately adherent to the substrate before emulsion application.

Emulsion preparation
The product is supplied as a ready-to-use mix. It must not be mixed with other materials, diluted, or thickened.Directly before use, mix it well in order to obtain uniform consistency.

Apply the mix upon the prepared substrate (evenly over the whole surface) using a roller or a brush.

Application of the finishing layer
The application of facing, finishing layer or execution of watertight insulation may begin after the mix has dried completely, i.e. about 4÷6 hours after its application.

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