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Fast Drying Priming Emulsion

Fast Drying Priming Emulsion

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Use and properties

Improves setting conditions of mortars – contributes to reaching their expected ,technical parameters.
Strengthens surface of primed mineral substrates – permeates the surface, strengthens and improves its load capacity.

Prevents retention of excessive amount of water from the coat applied upon the substrate – limits the substrate absorptiveness.

Unifies absorptiveness of the whole primed surface – the applied layer has similar setting conditions, irrespective of local changes of substrate parameters.
Forms temporary protective layers on floors and screeds – improves floor resistance against dusting, facilitates cleaning (must not be considered as the top finish coat).

Improves the yield of paints, top finishes and adhesives – by sealing the structure of primed surface, it improves the yield of materials used for the execution of the subsequent layer.


Types of primed substrates – absorbent, excessively absorptive and weak: concrete, plasterboards, gypsum and cement plasters, rough walls made of any type of bricks, blocks, hollow blocks, as well as concrete and anhydrite screeds.
Types of finishing layers – cladding, plasters, screeds, finishing coats, wallpapers, paints (follow paint manufacturer’s guidelines), WODER E, WODER W, WODER DUO or WODER S water- and damp proofing.

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