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Fast Setting Assembly Mortar (11lbs)

Fast Setting Assembly Mortar (11lbs)

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Use and properties

Anchoring elements on horizontal surfaces – foundation screws, fencing poles, stairs and balcony railings, etc.
Anchoring elements on vertical surfaces – anchors, hooks, pins, dowels, slings, window hinges, gates and doors; plumbing system, gas and central heating installations supports, wiring elements - electrical boxes etc., corner or guide profiles, bars, etc.
Embedding and linking of concrete elements – circles wells, drains, etc.
Quick repair of surface – filling cracks and voids in the ceiling and wall slabs, floors
and cement-based plasters, prefabricated elements.
Installation of building elements – window sills, lintels, beams and stair stringers.
Obstruction of the local water filtration – effectively fills the place of leakage.
Re-profiling of concrete elements – the restoration of the shape of the concrete elements, e.g. edges.
Can be used in swimming pools, reservoirs for drinking water, as well as facilities and constructions in contact with drinking water.

Types of anchored elements – steel, ferroconcrete and plastic.
Types of the surface in which the element will be anchored – the structural
elements of brick, concrete and reinforced concrete.

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