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Fast Setting, Self Leveling Mortar (55lbs)

Fast Setting, Self Leveling Mortar (55lbs)

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Use and properties

Levels substrates in the range of 3 – 30 mm – both when the substrate has only local irregularities and when it is executed with a slight slope.
Elevates the floor level in the whole room – e.g. when necessary to equalize the level in two adjacent rooms.
May be used in dry and wet rooms – in living rooms, antechambers, halls, parlours, offices, corridors, waiting rooms, etc.
May be used in rooms of increased humidity, such as house bathrooms.
Recommended as subfloor under facings in offices, kindergartens, schools, apartments etc. – due to fine aggregate it forms smooth surface.


Types of finishing layers – tiles, PVC flooring, carpet flooring, floor panels, parquet,Types of possible arrangements:
•     bonded - thickness 3 - 30 mm – good quality concrete, cement or anhydrite
subfloor (with or without floor heating).

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