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Plasticised Modified Thinset Tile Cement (55lbs)

Plasticised Modified Thinset Tile Cement (55lbs)

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Use and properties

Ideal for bathrooms, kitchens, corridors, stairs and small decorative elements on the outside of the buildings – permanently fixes tiles wherever the application of deformable adhesive is not required.
Levels mineral substrates – can be used to fill in the surface of walls and jointless floors.
Enables bricklaying with thin joint – the adhesive can be used for small bricklaying works during finishing interiors.
Extension of range of applications possible – after combining with ATLAS ELASTIC EMULSION, the adhesive can be used on substrates exposed to heat and mechanical deformation, e.g. balconies, terraces, floor heating or wall heating, damp proofing system AVAL (ATLAS WODER).


Plasticised formula

Improvement of the working parameters of the adhesive, i.e. its rheology makes the work with the AVAL KM 11 Plus more pleasant and easier. Enhancing the adhesive with plasticizing additives guarantees meeting the expectation of the glazer at each stage of works.
Mixing. The adhesive is less susceptible to aeration and creates a homogenous mixture - uniform in terms of distribution of the components in the whole volume of prepared mass. This property, backed up with the ideal selection of the aggregate composition guarantees the highest durability of the adhesive layer.
Scooping with trowel. The adhesive is characterized by optimum intrinsic viscosity guaranteeing lossless transfer from the container onto the trowel and from the trowel to the substrate.
Application onto the substrate. The adhesive spreads perfectly upon the surface – the bonding strength of the mortar is high enough to prevent the adhesive from “rolling” on the trowel (at properly primed substrate).
Fixing the tile. The ideally selected viscosity allows for easier handling of the fixe tile.

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