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Porcelain Tile Cement (55lbs)

Porcelain Tile Cement (55lbs)

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Use and properties

Recommended for tiles of high absorption, made of polished porcelan, artificial and natural stone, e.g. marble – the adhesive is based on white cement and therefore does not cause discolouration of the surface of polished gres and other tiles with structures susceptible to discolouration in contact with grey cement.
Enables fixing tiles to slightly deformed surfaces – ideal for bathrooms, kitchens, corridors, stairs.


Types of substrates – concrete, cement plasters, cement-lime plasters, gypsum plasters, cement and anhydrite screeds, not plastered walls of blocks, hollow brick and brick.
Types of tiles – small and medium size gres-porcelain tiles and other types of tiles of high absorption (ceramic, stone, etc.) susceptible to discolouration in contact with grey cement.

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