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Water Resistant Cement Mortar (55lbs)

Water Resistant Cement Mortar (55lbs)

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Use and properties

Protects substrates against pressurised water – can constitute the internal and external sealing layer of walls and floors, swimming pools and other water reservoirs.
Creates water-resistant layer – light, medium, or heavy insulation type (depending on the thickness of the applied layer).
Protects substrates exposed to precipitation and ground water – balconies, terraces, façades, cellar walls, foundations, stairs, plinths (e.g. before tiles fixing or applying decorative render ATLAS DEKO M type).
Protects substrates against moisture inside buildings – renders and screeds in wet rooms (bathrooms, baths, showers, kitchens, washing rooms), particularly in wet areas of those rooms - around shower cabins, wash basins, bathtubs, sinks, etc.
Enables to perform flexible protection of corners and expansion joints – along with the embedded in it ATLAS SEALING TAPE AND CORNERS or ATLAS HYDROBAND tapes and corners, secures the edges of the joints between walls and screeds and the expansion joints.
Seals the surfaces around walls and floors, around the passages of pipes – together with the embedded FLOOR or WALL RINGS.
Recommended for old buildings – steam-permeability in combination with being water-resistant makes the mortar ideal for insulation of old degraded construction partitions.


Types of waterproofed substrates – mineral, cement and cement-lime plasters, screeds, concrete, reinforced concrete, masonry elements, and plasterboards.

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